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The second episode of Game of Thrones: A Series Telltale Games has not yet set release date, but it seems that arrive shortly. The reason is that already exists in the PEGI offices, and its contents have been qualified for over 18 years, as happened with the first episode.

This episode, titled "The Lost Lords" includes extreme violence, violence against defenseless people and strong language as PEGI. It is not surprising, when you consider the harshness that characterizes the work of George RR Martin.

The first episode of Game of Thrones was released in December 2014, nearly a month after it was recorded in the offices of PEGI. Therefore we conclude that the second episode has to be falling. At least we should receive news in the coming weeks.

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series gets us into the skin of several members of the Forrester House, a noble family from Poniente who loses everything after the betrayal of Robb Stark at the Twins. The Forrester have to agree alliances and destroy their enemies with the sole aim to survive the War of the Five Kings. In the first episode, Iron from Ice, we could control three characters, Ethan, Mira and Gared, but in the second we introduce a new player that can also control.

In addition to Game of Thrones, Telltale Games has other projects on the table, as Tales of the Borderlands, the second episode is also pending announcement, Minecraft: Story Mode, an adventure in collaboration with Mojang, or new IP own creation which have not yet released details.
The producer and editor Galician Iberian Games has released Thursday the first video game developed by the Asturian study Nuberu Games. Aesthar is a project of type runner for mobile devices which won "well received" by players and bloggers in their previous public exhibitions. The head of the Galician company, Xosé Manuel Rey, has told Europa Press that this work has been developed by four young Gijon have incorporated mechanical "innovative to increase the fun of player." Structured in levels, this project combines realistic and cartoon graphics that give "a unique look on mobile platforms."

The game introduces Kara, the protagonist, and Balkar, his mount, which should look for different scenarios all the pieces floating mana in which the villain Zelius converted the inhabitants and frames Aesthar world. Although it has been created by the Asturian study, the Galician Iberian Games has been commissioned to launch, manage and place in the markets this game, with the aim of reaching "the maximum number of people in the world". The project, which received a "very successful" in his previous exhibitions in both Madrid Games Week 2014 and the last Fun & Seriuos Games Festival of Bilbao, is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone in free version with advertising and Pro version --without anuncios-- by 1.79 euros.
According to the report of many players of Xbox One, there was an error in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series which does not allow them to upload their saved decisions in Episode 1 in the new chapter of the series.

The problem is, for some unknown reason, the saved game files, as Chapter 2 does not recognize as valid, and only allows players start with a default set of decisions as if they had never played the first of the series.

As seen in the support forums Telltale, the only ones affected with this annoying problem is the players Xbox One, as users of platforms such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, iOS, Mac, Android or even the Xbox 360 have not been outspoken.

Game of Thrones is the latest title in the series great production of Telltale Games, it is a new release that follows the acclaimed episodic series of The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead. Most critics have received welcome the arrival of this adaptation of the play by George RR Martin.

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In Clash of Clans have a good strategy is crucial to be able to protect their trophies and resources. Some choose to leave the center of town exposed to attacks to protect your elixir and gold; others prefer longer leave the exposed resources and protect their trophies. But what is the advantage and disadvantage of each of these cases? Here are some tips that can help you in choosing your village layout: Clash of Clans has several defenses that are unlocked the extent to which it updates the village center. Some of these defenses has many achievements and unique utilities such as air defense that slaughter flying units or X-beast that shoots arrows incessantly about his enemies.

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Whatever you want to protect, when organizing their village, look let's defenses a minor one, as Mage Tower and cannons on the front line - on the edge of the walls - followed by archers tower, Hell Tower and Air Defense; just behind the Mortars and X-Beasts by having the longest range in the game.
The traps and Tesla Hides, put them inside the wall, not the leaves outside the village, as some players can launch troops only to disable your traps, as a barbarian unit, an archer or even goblins.
    Some defenses have some features that should be explored, such as the Tesla Hides, which has critical damage on PEKKA, eliminating them quickly. The Hell Tower can attack a single target in an overwhelming way or divide the damage by up to five targets continuously, and prevent healing effects work within your reach.

There is also the X-Beast, the defense goes further than game and capable air targets or ground at the same time. Do not forget to update your walls, they are your best to prevent the enemy from.
    Players enemies attack for two reasons: to steal large amounts of gold and Elixir, or to acquire trophies. When organizing the layout of your village, you must know which of these two items is more priority to protect. If you prefer to protect their trophies, distract the enemy player putting their resources outside the village.