Freelance Services

I specialize in freelance writing and virtual assisting. I would love to work with you! 

You have a story. Your business has a story. Your family has a story. Behind everything you do, there is a story; a story why you exist, how you got there and where you want to go. I want to tell your story and I want to tell it well.

Stories have the power to persuade, inspire, and lead. We are all attracted to them and we all want to be a part of them. 

Whether you are looking for a consultation on setting up the story you want to communicate, someone to help build a story seamlessly through your communication products, or you need written work done to get your message out there clearly, I can help.

My writing is marked by colour, hope and passion.

I provide the following writing services:

Web copy
Article writing
Editing and Proofreading
E-mail campaigns

Whether you are a blogger, own an online store or run a small business, it is my passion to come alongside you. I believe you are called and have been gifted with a vision. Sometimes the tedious administrative tasks can weigh us down. That is why it is my desire to come alongside you and carry that weight so you can run what you are called to well and with freedom. 

My services include any of the following: 

Social media management 
Email services
Organizing and running online campaigns including fundraising campaigns 
Blog management including guest posting, giveaways & sponsorships 
General administrative tasks 

"Ashley Beaudin has written for us several times in the past few years and her writing has been an asset to our organization. Ashley's writing is powerful, thought-provoking and articulate. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to hire a writer." - Faytene Grasseschi, MY Canada Association Founder/Director

"Ashley Beaudin was efficient in confirming bookings and travel arrangements, while also effectively scheduling appointments and producing correspondences. Ashley exhibited creativity in her ability to generate unique solutions and ideas when situations presented themselves." - Reverend Marie Miller, Foundations Ministries Executive Director 

"Ashley was responsible for drafting correspondence writing speeches, preparing advertisements and flyer, maintaining the website as well as other administrative tasks. Ashley was always seeking to be helpful and a team player. She was regularly in contact with our other offices to support them when they needed assistance or support." Josh Boyes, Executive Assistant to Kelly Block, Member of Parliament, Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar 

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